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Psychic to the Psychics...And Hotshots Like You

You’ve been feeling way too much, guarding your own secrets, looking for a spiritual teacher who is into crystals, energy, vibration, astrology, feng shui,


You’re secretly putting your psychic books in your big purse, not mentioning you’re a feeler, a seer, seeing orbs, feeling people’s energy, getting psychically drained by others when you walk in the room,


and most of all, you’re stuck in the intuitive closet scared to expose the real psychic within you.  You’re not living in your head but, you’re feeling lonely and alone at the same time.


You’ve been stumbling through life feeling empty, soul-less, and stuck for what feels like forever.


You’ve invested more time and effort than you ever thought possible, and still can’t catch a break because you can’t seem to find the answers to your soul-level questions. And because of that, you keep making the same exact mistakes in your personal life and career.


If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and finally resolving your limiting beliefs, overcoming your blocks, and creating a true connection to the creator, source, or the universe, then you’re in the right place.


Whether you’re a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to discover your soul’s purpose, someone who wants to explore your own spiritual gifts, or someone who’s seeking to finally having answers to your soul-level questions, I’ve got the golden-key to your success.

I’m Trisha Condo and I’m a soulful psychic with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and English and a bachelor’s degree in education. I’m also the host of the Trisha Condo Show on CHRQ 106.9 FM. I’m also the founder of The Spirit Guide Course and I have a spiritual business with a presence both online, and offline. After 9 years as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, these days, I mentor and intuitive counsel sensitive, soulful, and creative, and psychic women as they: step into their gifts, grow spiritual businesses, and start to express themselves in their soul’s highest purpose.

My mission is to help these women who are ready to release self-doubt and self-shame, say goodbye to unsavory experiences in order to step into their true gifts.

My journey started when I was just a kid. As a Native American (from the MicMac Nation) I was raised in both the Catholic Faith AND in my ancestor’s spiritual and religious traditions. From an early age I could see things and hear things that no one else was aware of.

My family was no Brady Bunch. My dad’s business had us moving back and forth between Canada (where I was born) and the US. We’d head to the US during a business boom, when business was going well, and back to Canada when things were low and my dad wasn’t able to maintain stability in his business (he struggled with alcohol and drugs). At the same time, the relationship between my parents was strained. When my mom felt her marriage imploding from the inside out, she blamed me. She didn’t take responsibility for herself. Then she checked out emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise and I learned to be a “mom” (of sorts) really young as I was responsible for myself and my brother.

After graduating from grade 12, I was ready to leave home, but my mom begged me to stay on an extra year until my brother graduated. The thing is, things were hard in our home, and it wasn’t fun. I wanted to shut out the noise and the pain. One day I shut myself in the bathroom ready to slit my wrists. But something stopped me, I just had an urge to get out.

It took me years to learn how to tune into my guides, get out of my head and into my heart, and learn to run a profitable business to attract soulful clients and gain a huge following.

It was at this point that I met up with a Native American Medicine Man who helped me come back to myself, he taught me how to love myself while loving others, and he gave me a symbolic medicine rock. He told me that the rock stood for me.

No matter what was going on around the rock, no one could crush it. My rock was my soul, I learned that no one take my spirit away. Not even my family.

The medicine man gave me the medicine rock along with tobacco and cedar to feed the rock and I learned to take care of the rock as a metaphor for taking care of myself.

That meeting with the Medicine Man was a turning point for me. I decided that from then on I’d go after what I love. I grew the courage to leave home (after my brother graduated) and I started a new life!

I arrived at university and while at school I found myself being free, I met friends, I partied, I bought a little car (a Chevette) with blue and grey doors, and best of all I had FUN and I was happy.

That freedom opened the psychic floodgates and suddenly in between my human sciences courses I found myself getting messages and hearing a voice that would tell me about the people around me.

I thought I was going nuts! I mean, hearing voices is NOT normal! I didn’t know how to control the voice, and I would just blurt out facts about people that I should NOT have known! Before long, I started reading tarot cards and had people coming to me. I would give unsolicited advice and people started coming to me so I decided that maybe I should start charging.

Then I noticed I didn’t need cards anymore, my intuition and clairaudient senses were so strong, so I put them on the side. I was having a blast (drinking and partying a lot). But then later on, in my 3rd year of university, I stumbled on a renowned spiritual teacher/psychic on Hay House radio. I got on her radio show and asked her what my purpose was. She told me I was supposed to be a spiritual teacher and guide. I then read every book, every email, had private readings with her, she told me a lot of things about my soul’s path.

These days my life looks completely different to the life I had way back when.

  1.    I’ve let go of relationships that no longer serve me, even in my family.
  2.    I’m in control of my boundaries, my relationships, and my business!
  3.    I have learned to say no, and also that what other people think has nothing to do with me.
  4.    I stand up for myself.
  5.    I trust my spirit to lead me in the direction of my soul’s path.

Best of all, I’m shifting my soul matrix. Previously I was an energetic push over, these days I do what I know your spirit needs to do.


I struggled tremendously on the path to becoming a psychic to the empaths, sensitives, intuitives, and creative people.

I struggled tremendously to empower myself and learn my truth.

I struggled tremendously to grow a thriving psychic and spiritual teaching business.

But here’s the thing… just because I struggled, doesn’t mean you have to! I made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to!

So what now?

When you work with me, you’ll walk away with clarity in your own soul’s path, knowing your soul’s purpose, your soul lessons, blocks removed, messages from your spirit and animal guides and even names of them.

As an intuitive, my philosophy is a mixture of Native American spirituality and Sonia Choquette’s Six Sensory Living.  I believe in helping others find their own intuitive truth, grounding their own spirits, and helping them become pioneers in their intuitive practice.

You’re ready to go after your dreams + I’m here to show you how.


To work with me on a soul level, I’m more of a guide in your soul’s growth and less of a person for you to run to me and crazy glue your life back together.  


This soul work is sacred. If your soul is calling you to work with me, then let me guide and midwife you to raise your standards and heal on a deeper level and book a soul reading and or mentoring.

Contact me if this speaks deeply to your soul. 



I had a very profound reading with Trisha about 3 weeks ago.  Her reading was spot on.  It’s as if she lifted the curtain and was able to shine a light on the next many steps in life.  I would highly recommend Trisha.

Shannon Rose, Financial Officer

Trisha is a truly gifted psychic. Her natural talent coupled with a pure heart make her a light in the world.

Sabrina Choquette, Intuitive Counselor and Mentor

WTF?!?!? I just had an intuitive reading with Trisha Condo. MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN. And highly recommended.

Ramona Russell, PR Expert & Coach

She is insightful in her ability to see the past and the future with clarity. And her direct delivery style meant I didn’t walk away scratching my head about what we discussed, it was all made plain so I easily understood what I needed to do!

Kristen Dominigue, Personal Brand Development Expert

I’d like to tell you that our house is under contract now and will close on June 26 – so your reading did “come true” 🙂  

Kate Black

Trisha knows things. She makes it easy to figure out where you need to focus — and what you can let go of – that’s worth its weight in gold.  Delighted by her groundedness, accuracy, sense of joy and certainty I felt at the end of our session, I highly recommend working with her.

Stella Orange, Founder and Creative Director of

Trisha did a reading for me and my group call recently and I have to say I am truly impressed with her level of detail and insight.  Her ability to laser in on these startlingly helpful images and share them were useful input to help me and my participants leverage her quality intuition for us.  

Lisa Greenfield, Celebrity Palm Reader and Hand Analyser,

After my first experience with Trisha Condo my soul felt like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Divinely guided and Spiritually directed her gift left me excited, curious & relieved that everything is happening exactly as it should. The inner Journey manifests itself into the outer world-the best adventure one could ask for…

Brandon Johnson, Actor and TV Host

  Trisha is “the real deal.” It surprised me when she started sharing very real and specific details involving color of hair of people in my life (that was correct), and other details that she could not have found on my website.    

Elizabeth B., Entrepreneur

  That everything she said was so spot on! I could see very clearly my future and having her paint it for me in the most clear way as phenomenal. It’s the best reading I’ve ever had.  I was blown away by her accuracy. I would absolutely do it again!     

J. Williams, Entrepreneur

She intuited I would be soon filming, be on TV and be producing videos. It came true! I was flimed in Dr Northrup’s Glorious Women Never Age PBS special, I was filmed on the Dr Oz show last week and I just released a Whole30 video series. WOW! I highly recommend!

Pam Pearson, Wealthy Healthy

“In my business, I get to work with a lot of talented people and Trisha Condo is no exception. She is direct, detailed and insanely accurate! The way she integrates her Native American background with her modern day approach is not only effective, it’s fascinating.

Gina Gomez, Business & Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA at

And just like you said, Dougall is coming to my area on Sunday and I am taking a workshop with him!!!! You are amazing – and so DETAILED. That is truly what sets you apart! You are wonderful and so on the mark with everything. I Highly recommend your work and accurate readings. Such a blessing

Tiffany Soska, Yoga Instructor at

How did she know that? As the reading deepened, I could feel the truth of her insights. This kind of clarity is a rare experience! She gave me specific time frames and details. My mind was blown when I asked her questions and she was able to answer them so completely. I recommend her highly!

Pat Tallman, Hollywood Actress

I felt her warm and reassuring presence and the information she gave me was spot-on. She correctly identified the major challenges and provided me with wonderful guidance to help work through them. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a session with Trisha Condo. I felt confident, energized, and truly excited about the future.

Lynn Jennings, Conscious Eating Coach

Trisha’s reading was right on target. She did confirm details for me and gave me guidance on some upcoming events. Everything that she and her guides told me came to pass. I would recommend Trisha to anyone who wants to gain clarity, guidance, insight, or messages about any aspect of their life.

Felicia Messina-D’Haiti, Feng Shui Coach, at

Trisha immediately put me at ease with her warmth, open hearted, and nonjudgmental energy. She did zero in on my energy field and answer specific questions without me even asking them out loud. I referred several friends to her and feel confident that she would be able to help many people, both with general guidance and specific concerns.

Sarah Michaels, Actress

Without knowing anything about me, she picked up exactly the right areas of my life I’m currently focusing on and knew some important details too. It helped reinforce that I’m heading in the right direction and on the right track.And if everything Trisha said comes true, then watch this space people, things are looking HOT!”.

Jessica Bendien, Talent Producer, Bang Talent at

Trisha is spot on!Before I could ask her my question she had 20 minutes of information related to my career.She validated everything I was thinking, gave me the name to my spirit guide, and let me in on exciting upcoming events that I will definitely keep my eyes open for. She is the best!

Laura Pickens, Colette's Baron-Reid's Intuitive Coach and Healer at

She started receiving and sharing personality traits and characteristics which were spot on. I was some what skeptical, which was quieted pretty early on in our session. I’m curious to see the road ahead of me that Trisha shed some light on. I definitely recommend Trisha and will work with her again. 

Matthew Shortis, Health Coach

 Her gentle approach will put even the most skeptic student at ease. She has an amazing ability to coach by using her intuition.  She knew where I was coming from and the struggles that our people face on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Trisha  to strengthen their intuitive senses or answers from the other side.

Juliette Barnaby, Energy Worker

I loved the experience of working with Trisha.  I feverishly wrote down everything she shared with me.  I am so excited and curious about seeing her predictions manifest in my life!  She really tapped into my energy and I felt inspired and comforted about my future.  I absolutely recommend going to Trisha for guidance.  

Kristina Teschner, New York Actor,Director, and Baker Extraordinaire at

Trisha has read for me several times and I have always been very impressed by the great guidance she has given me. Her insights are spot on. I also really love the flow of her readings. I highly recommend Trisha for a reading. 

Els Schaefer, Master Intuitive Coach and Oracle Card Reader at

Trisha is the real deal!  Trisha knew some things about me intuitively and was inspiring and encouraging to me in my goals for the future.  I would highly recommend her services to those looking for a reading or those even who are curious about what a psychic person can tell them.  Remember Trisha Condo’s name.

Karen Trepte, Business Coach at

I’m very happy how it turned out- Trisha can help you to go deeper and to get a better picture of your goals. It’s personal, useful, guiding information. I loved the information about my guide- it made perfect sense and explained many of my ideas and choices in life.

Lina G., Photographer

 You gave me so many great insights into my business and where I should focus my energy next.  The guidance on letting go of perfection, having more fun and going with the flow more was something I really needed to hear too. You tapped in right away to the fantasy of moving to another country. 

Michelle Matthews, HEALTH COACH, owner of Be Well By Michelle

Thank you so much, Trisha! I’m inspired to write deeper about some of the things we talked about. Now that I know that I’m on the write/right path…and to take small steps…I feel like I am actually moving forward! And that’s a really good thing…wheely!

Shelley Tellier, WRITER, British Columbia.

I love my reading Trisha. I’m sure I will be back….thanks!

Mary Caplin, TEACHER at Wejgwapniag School

 I am very grateful for this advice, who knows what might have happened if I didn’t have this session with Trisha. Thank you Trisha (and your guide) for opening my eyes.

Melissa Vanden Heuden, Colette Baron-Reid's Master Intuitive Coach
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