What I Do

I help the sensitive, intuitive, creative empathic souls, who struggle with their soul’s voice and truth, I dig deep and retrieve their true selves to raise their standards spiritually and emotionally.

My highest purpose in life is to help others see them reach their soul mission and help them raise their standards and expectations of self to be the most authentic and responsible being they can be.

My Philosophy Statement

Native American Spirituality and Six Sensory Practices of vibration are part of my whole philosophy. 

I believe in motivating and inspiring my students to be in touch with their sensitive and intuitive side.

I believe that students can channel in their own way.

I believe that circular methods are just as affective as linear methods. 


My Mission

I am here to inspire, motivate and educate people about the six sensory life and help raise their standards in the process.


My Teaching Methods

I bring my 9 years of teaching Micmac children into the mix into my soulful business. 

I hold three degrees: cegep diploma in human sciences, bachelor of arts, bachelor of education, and a master’s in curriculum studies (which is in progress).  When I mentor or teach a budding or seasoned intuitive, I use my teaching experience as an educator and as an entrepreneur into my sessions. And it does help, I tune into your soul. 

So ya, I’m highly educated in teaching.

My Goal

Priority number one is to help raise your vibration and help you see your true soul.  

Soul Readings

I’m here to connect with your true self and to help raise your standards. Here, I peek into you at soul level. Look at your soul’s mission, soul lessons, blocks, animal and spirit guides. I channel through my spirit guide, Grey Wolf, specific guidance tailored to your soul.  From the start, I tune into your guides and you’re given a guide to follow from your guides. So, it’s a three-way conversation between my guide, your guides, and your soul.

I use my teaching and my shamanic skills to guide in your soul’s journey.

Mentoring Sessions

This is for sensitive, intuitive, creative empathic women who want to learn to ground their spirit.  I combine my experience as native american teacher and an intuitive guide to help propel your spirit forward.

Shamanic Sessions

This is for deep shamanic healing – deep and below the surface healing. I bring in my guide, Grey Wolf, and we dig in ancestral patterns, soul retrieval ceremony, and native american ceremony from my micmac tribe.

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