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In this week’s blog, we are going to work on your imagination muscle and getting the light in your eyes back again.

Most of my clients ask me this simple question: “How do I know if I’m psychic?”

I think I’m just imagining it.

Of course, you are imagining it. That’s how your psychic sense is speaking to you, I say to my clients. It’s the front door to your spidey senses (my pet name for intuition).

All of your inspiration, creativity, and psychic-ness comes through your imagination. Some people tend to shoo away or ignore imagination or label it as unreal or crazy or illegitimate ~ it’s quite the opposite.

The imagination is the front portal to connect and wake up your imagination.

As an intuitive coach, I normally give my clients homework. Let’s spin this so, I can give you spiritual guidance. So, read on, I’ll ask you to use those imagination muscles:

  1. Imagine you’re super spidey psychic. If you were, how would that look for you? In answering this question, would you be mysterious, exciting, or just out of this world? How does your imagination TV come to you?
  2. Imagine you can speak to your spirit guides.
  3. Imagine you can speak to your higher self. Ask yourself these questions: How do you see, talk, or interact with your higher self? If you were using your imagination TV, how would your higher self appear? As a tall human being, a voice, or a feeling spirit presence?

Many clients just get stumped, over analyze things to death, and question their own goals.

They often say: “I don’t know and I don’t even know where to begin to imagine or What does that look like?”

Use your imagination. See it in your mind’s eye. Daydream it. See it as children would.

Can you imagine? Simple question. Of course, you can.

Let’s push the anxiety and fear aside for a moment here and that being said, imagine you a super curious, in-tuned, psychic person is a good and positive expression of spirit.

Imagine how imagining this part of your being is helpful, empowered, efficient, attractive and manifesting to best places to be.

And imagine that your guides and your higher self love talking to you (yes, even on your bad days) and see their appearance and their voice. Remember no analyzing or picking this apart. No. No. No. Cancel, Cancel, Cancel.

Let’s have some fun with this.

Imagine all those times when you get a hint, an a-ha, a wonderful inspirational idea and you sigh saying: “Uh. I’m just imagining that.” Dismissing the idea that it’s a strange idea floating into your brain as if you’re alien landing on this planet for the first time ever.

Well, that’s how your guides are talking to you.  It’s a subtle idea.  You feel it. See it.

So, let’s look at this. Think of all the ways your guides and higher self make a connection with you.

Have you ever had the experience where you walked away from a person and thought that person was an angel. You say to yourself: “God, She’s so positive and nice. She’s too good to be true. She’s gotta be an angel.” I, myself, have met such a person and thought the very same thing.

I’ve read Sonia Choquette and Sylvia Browne’s spiritual books, and their philosophy has taught me that an angel visits you 5o times a week.

Have you seen, spoken, or imagined of seeing a specific angel this week or ever?

Working on your imagination muscles are crucial to creating your heart desires just by pure imagination. If you can’t create an intuitive life, then you can’t imagine it.

You have to imagine and work those imagination muscles. My psychic world is as concrete as this world. I allow the discussion with my master guides and the spiritual world.

This week’s lesson: Imagine for a moment that you’re vibrationally picking up on your angels, guides, nature spirits, helpers, and higher self and write in your online or paper journal. Put the journal beside your bed so, you can take action and write the events as they came during the day.

As the next action step: Ask a friend to play with you and imagine the events, places, and times you see together. You can draw or sing this action step with a friend you trust.

The more you reveal your “inner psychic” playfully the more authentic you both will open up fully.

Read this blog every day and at the end of this week, share your personal experience with me.

Have you ever imagined something and it came true the next day or the following week?

Have you ever imagined an angel or guide?

I have. Now, share with me. You’re not alone.