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 By Karen K. Trepte, An International Business Coach, http://www.gaijinworkscoaching.com


Back when I was working in my corporate job, I had long-held fantasies about what it would be like to finally work for myself: starting the day without a blaring alarm clock, taking breaks when I wanted to, or doing a yoga set in the middle of the day. It was going to be 40 hours (ok, 30 hours) of full-time bliss. (more…)


As I rummaged through old boxes at Troy’s farm we just sold, I noticed that I had to teach you all a lesson about decluttering.

It’s an important psychic lesson.  Energy is energy right?

Read my first blog about eating healthy food. Those M&Ms and Kraft Dinner are just not cutting it anymore…um, yes.  Check out last week’s blog here.   (more…)


Before we get into today’s blog, I want to thank you for following me on social media and coming to visit me during the summer. I’m happy to report that I have stretched my psychic biz to New Brunswick (pow wows) and becoming very active in the United States.   (more…)