Sweat lodge moment turns into clarity of life purpose.

In my 40 years, I have accomplished many things: Completed my B.A. and B.ED, and working on my Master’s in Curriculum Studies, a psychic, no kids yet, and have a fiancé, and attended a sweat lodge ceremony many years ago that ignited it all.

I tried to maintain my so-called meditation practice throughout it all.  Many years ago, I tried meditating in a different way through a sweat lodge ceremony in my Native Community in Gesgapegiag, Quebec.

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This sweat lodge moment did the trick in kick-starting my life purpose. More like a kick in the ass I needed.

I once lived as an invincible party girl and being quite superficial.

You know I took for granted my native American cultural practices of getting in touch with my breathing and having a vision quest in a sweat lodge ceremony. I always thought it was pointless until I saw a vision.

Unknown to me, at the time, that my sweat lodge vision would re-insert me back into my spirit.

During the second round of the ceremony, I suddenly noticed a vision of a male warrior sitting on a horse on a hill being projected on the inner wall of the sweat lodge. Mind you – it’s pitch back inside except for the glowing fire in the middle containing 12 rocks. Not in a million years I would have pictured myself here before becoming a recovering alcoholic.

I re-apply to the B.A./B.ED degree program at Bishop’s University from the Mawiomi Treatment Center.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon out with the clients and it’s Sweat lodge ceremony held at Bernard’s place. As I was told to wear a skirt, small shorts underneath, tugged in my left hand is my trusty beach towel heading into the dome shaped sweat lodge. A medicine man talks to all the clients and just looks at me intently.

As the men and women take turns in the rounds, I sit quietly with 5 or 6 clients and Bernard throws tobacco, cedar, and water onto the glowing grandfather rocks in the middle of the womb-like structure for deeper meditation.

First I hear drumming, then feel the heat followed by spirit voices.

I automatically ask for feedback from the drummer. He reassures me spirit messages will come.

Another break followed by 1 more round of more grandfather rocks. Then, I laid in the same spot waiting for my vision.

Spirit voices in and out. My breathing slows down, my heart beats slower, and the heat rises to the top and from the sides.

I can’t hold it any longer. I reveal I can hear spirits, see them, and finally, out on the wall, I see my first vision – a male warrior sitting on a wild horse.

My third eye opens. Feels tingly.

I begin crying at this moment. My heart is opening finally as I talk about my life purpose openly to everyone – the vision gets brighter and my heart says you know your path already. Be a warrior. Get the experience and be your own warrior.

The vision fades as soon as the flap opens. I squint my eyes and get quiet again.

Spirit voices stop talking.

The round ends. We all climb out and the elder gives wise counsel to each person and passes me again as I look at him eager for a special message.

It was at this moment I knew how to add meditation to my daily life and learn to be still and do this myself.

The sweat lodge moment turns into clarity of my life purpose.

Sitting in that peaceful moment and I feel my spirit of being a teacher.

I sit quietly. Not saying a word.

Even though I was forced to join in on the sweat lodge ceremony, I know I should just be more connected to my own cultural roots and to trust what I already know to be true.

I was already a teacher. I believe the elder knew my life purpose when he skipped me.

And yes, I got accepted into the teaching program.

If you’re feeling that this blog will help your friend find his or her way, share it!  Go ahead. I dare you to do it.


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