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Christmas is a joyous celebration of family dinners, gifts, and…

Setting your boundaries and saying the creative no has or hasn’t crossed your mind or has it?  Um…Well.

What does that mean?

I’m sure you experienced your boundaries being crossed to the max before, during, or after the Christmas holidays.

You’ve seen The Fockers Meet the Parents movie, where Greg has difficulties with his in-laws and his sense of boundaries. The character ends up dealing with his pushy, stern father-in-law with his stern “circle” rules in funny-scenes. He manages to come to terms with asserting his own boundaries by losing it at the end.

Unfortunately, some family members tend to push our buttons unconsciously to prove that they are the alpha male or the queen of the castle.

I just think this is so unnecessary. Seriously?

I’m sure the same scenario either has or hasn’t happened to you.

As you start to open your psychic channels, you want to stay healthy, happy, and peaceful. Just as Greg reached his breaking point. You can have these type of boundaries without losing it.

I managed to keep my boundaries strong and intact throughout the holidays. As you know when you become more “open” psychically, you become more vulnerable. Have the right to have conscious boundaries and take responsibility to have your own responsibilities into place.

Let’s talk about boundaries and what that means to you.

One spiritual teacher reminded me that as an intuitive you must become a solid drum while others are compared to a uncontrollable pounding drumsticks beating the drum. When the leader directs the drummers it become a serene vibration. Otherwise the chaotic vibe will wipe you out and drain you.

Problem here is that these kind of intruding energies will not care about how it affects you.

This week, I want you to become the peaceful leader directing your own life.

Here are 3 steps to building healthier boundaries:

  1. Tell yourself that it’s okay to have healthy boundaries. I have a right to have them and permission isn’t needed.  Thank you very much!
  1. I need to know my personal boundaries. Do you know the term, boundary violations? You’ve felt your boundaries being violated. Picture it.  It can come in the form of not answering a friend’s phone call, ignoring a text message or an email from a person who consistently contacts you and wants more from you.

This “yuck vibe” makes you feel drained, creeped out, and it’s clearly psychic vampirism.

3.  Start breathing to strengthen your boundary. As you’re breathing in and out slowly, imagine the white light around you and say NO out loud.

Practice saying many times saying the word NO. Here are a few examples: I wish I could, on another day I would., I already have plans, Sorry I can’t do it on that day. Play with a good friend on many ways to say NO. You’ll lighten and strengthen up the vibe, laugh a lot, and have fun saying no.

Once you feel the “yuck vibe,” change the vibe by stepping out of the room and say I have to get to an appointment. Sorry maybe another time. Even if you feel the uncomfortable vibe from the person, tell them: “I feel uncomfortable and I need to go.” By this time, the psychic vampire will get the hint and will stop bothering you.

The throat chakra will open up and you’ll have enough experience to practice saying the creative NO in your sweet land!

No trolls or soul sucking creatures are invited!

Say and sing it in the shower, the car, folding the laundry the word No.

Don’t back down when an alluring psychic vampire comes to you yet again. Oh, they will. Educate the vampire with your boundary land instructions and you help them understand that concept.

You help the vampire by placing that invisible shield of “no way!

Remember no explanation needed. 

Just keep repeating this: “I feel uncomfortable all of a sudden and I have to go. I hope you understand.” Then, do understand. Don’t be the rescuer and feed it the vampire’s wishes of invading your land of No!

If you have more in-your-face kind of people, then say this: “I feel uncomfortable all of a sudden, please step away from me. I hope you understand.” It might seem rude but, it’s not.

In my experience, as a psychic open lady, my native warrior comes out and I can come across as bold when I do say step away. I smile at the person and say no in that in-your-face tone. Listen. It’s better you save your energy than someone sucking you up dry like a tootsie roll and returning until there’s no life left in your energy field.

It happens.

This week, read this blog many times until you feel confident with placing healthy boundaries and saying the creative no.

Homework: Write the psychic invasions or “yuck vibes” you’ve had during the week. Work with a buddy so, you can build that confidence to stand up for yourself and you’ll get a positive result.

No one likes to be told that they’re intruding on your land. They often take a step back and hit the road.

Share this blog with people who no boundaries, struggling with saying no, and with your friends. Maybe they need a pick me up.

Have a productive week of saying NO!