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Yes, I said “incredible.”

Like anyone, I have plenty of self-doubts. But none about my ability as a psychic. I’ve trained with the best, and practiced for many years, so I have complete, unfailing access to my intuition whenever I call on it.

You’ll see that’s true as soon as we start a reading.

Right out of the gate, I’ll tell you things I couldn’t possibly know unless I’d lived with you, grown up with you, and opened your mail. (But don’t worry, I don’t look where I’m not invited.)

And the things I tell you will help steer you to the life you want.

Let’s get to the why: what a reading can reveal to you and do for you. And then, I’ll tell you how it works.


A lot of psychics come to me for readings. And they keep coming back. Even among top psychics, I have a rare ability:

I can answer specific questions.

Everyone has specific questions about their relationship, career, health, love life, money, or future. I’m sure you do, too.

For instance, you may be burning to know:

  • How will I make more money?
  • Is this “The One?” Or do I need to go back to the drawing board — again?
  • Should I stay at my job or make a break for it?
  • What’s the missing piece in my life that’ll make me feel alive?
  • How do I get unstuck and out of this rut?
  • Will everyone ever take me seriously?
  • Should I take this big risk? Or play it safe?

Or if none of those questions apply to you, I bet you’re thinking of one you do have. Or three, or four.

I can answer them.

If psychic abilities are technology, mine are top of the line. Let me take you behind the scenes and show you how they work.

Ready to book? Click here, or read on.

Fill out the form or phone me at 418-392-1918.


If you read my About page, you know that I’m Native American, from a line of intuitives, and that I have a spirit guide, Grey Wolf. He appeared to me when I was 5, and still shows up whenever I need him.

I get images on my own, before I even call Grey Wolf in. I’ll tell you what I see. But then when we drill down to what you’re dying to know, I bring in Grey Wolf.

It’s like having an all-knowing being on speed dial.

Or better analogy, he’s like your personal, spiritual Google. Whatever question about you I put in, he gives me brilliant answer after answer.

He’s amazing, and he’s a little…how do I put this….Not rude, but definitely no-nonsense. Abrupt. He’s an old guy with long, white hair who doesn’t have time to sugar-coat. He also uses odd words sometimes, and I have to decipher them. I always know what he means, though.


1) I usually just launch in. As soon as we’re on the phone, I start with seeing your heart.

They get the pictures coming to me.

Right away, I tell you what I see. We discuss it, make sense of it, and I tell you how you should respond in your life.

2) We get to your burning questions.

I get things as specific as, “How many people will sign up for my product launch?” Or “Which of my organs is failing and why?”

I call in Grey Wolf, and he gives me answers.

You’ll hear a pause on my end.

It’s the same as when a friend you’re on the phone with has someone else in the room talking to her. Sometimes, I’ll say something and you won’t be sure if I’m talking to you or to Grey Wolf.

It’s all good, you don’t need to fill in the silence. Grey Wolf can talk all day, and he usually has a lot to tell me, so just be patient and I’ll download all his info to you.

I’ll let you know when he’s done answering, and we’ll get to the next question.

3) We wrap up whenever the session’s done.

4) Timelines are not my thing. I do deeper healing work. I won’t give you dates.  

How long a session you book depends on how much you want to know. Because the sky’s the limit. I can receive information about you for as long as we keep going. If you have a lot of questions and need a lot of guidance, definitely spring for the longer session.

I never get tired of doing them.


Fill out the form or phone me at 418-392-1918.

Local Gaspesians, Micmacs, Quebec’ers, and New Brunswick’ers get a specialized rate. Call 418 392 1918 or email me at for the details. Don’t have paypal? No problem. I also use square if you need to pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB.



How do I know you’re for real, and not some scam artist?

I understand why you’d ask that. It makes me so mad that there are frauds out there giving us true, talented, honest psychics a bad rap. Check out my testimonials. You’ll see they’re from real people who use their full names. You can even look them up.

Most of my clients email me right away, or months later, telling me how much my reading helped and how what I predicted came true.  (I predict you’ll be one of them.)

I promise you this: I’m not going to scam you into buying some $200 candle to remove a curse or dark entity.

Are our readings confidential?

Yes, they are completely confidential. I’m like the pentagon. I won’t say a word to anyone. You can pass me by on the street and I’ll act as if we’ve seen each other but, not really.

What if you’re too good? In other words, will you see stuff I don’t want to know about?

Yes, I see it all. I will guide you so, you will make better choices. But don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you anything scary, unless you ask me to tell you everything. Otherwise, I simply give you constructive advice, phrased in a non-worrying way, so you can avoid a dangerous situation, or to take care of something before it’s too late.

Do you hear actual voices from spirit guides and loved ones or how does this work?

Yes, I switch from my mind to a higher vibration in a second. It’s called clairaudience.

Do I do all of the talking or does she do all of the talking or is it just feeding in the reading?I start talking right away being led by your energy. The fun begins with you saying your name and I take over.  I continue to talk for 10 minutes and I’ll check to see if you need clarity. Spoon feeding isn’t my thing. I’m confident enough to stand by my skill. I’m that good.

What’s going on when I book with you?

I feel as though I’m Neo from the Matrix. Yes, I’m a female Neo. Similar to the matrix, I begin to see literal and symbolic pictures outside of my head (almost as if they are projected in the air), feeling whirling energy of people, events, and places around me (I’ll even twirl my finger around. It helps me focus more on your energy). It happens so fast. I’ll also hear your guides, mine, and loved ones on the other side.

Do you have real testimonials?

Absolutely real clients I have spoken on the phone, in person, or on skype. Go check them out here on my website or on my weekly radio show.

What’s with your prices?

In my tiny corner of Canada, I’m considered expensive. In the world at large, people think I’m cheap. I’ll tell you what I think: I’m charging peanuts for priceless, expert guidance.  Why? Even though I’m one of the best in my field, marketing myself and getting the word out there is one big, challenging area I’m working hard on. Once I master it, my prices are sure to go up.

Right now? $250/30 minutes is what you pay me to make your world crystal clear, change your energy from stuck to unstuck, and recharge your life.

So I’d say, now’s a good time to book.

How often can I have a reading?

I recommend one or two a year. Some people get really addicted, because a reading can be so validating. It’s like they want to snort me. If that’s you, I suggest a coaching package.

I do tap into my intuition at the start of each coaching session and read your energy, but I hold you accountable to take action on your end. More on that below.

Do you give timelines?

I actually don’t focus on dates, years, or months. That’s not my thing.






This is where I help you get out of your own way.

Coaching with me is a powerful and transformational commitment to wake up your spirit and start listening to the calling of your heart and soul. 


While working together,  we will get you clear, get powerful enough to create not only your heart’s desires but fulfill your deeper callings. Even if you are looking for coaching in your personal life, your career, or ready for a deeper conversation about the depths of your potential, together we will get past your blocks and get your soul going.

We work on a soul level meaning it’s deeply fulfilling and creative. 

As an oath to be a deep witnessing cheerleader and mentor I will empower and inspire you to go beyond your ego’s limitations.  You will be able to listen to your heart, spirit guides, and higher self.  As a motivator, I will midwife you to feel confident as a creative soul and inspire you to take action towards your deepest heart’s desires. 

I have apprenticed with Sonia Choquette’s daughter, Sabrina, for one year and half years. Under her training, I’ve learned to be a professional psychic with works at the highest vibration and with integrity. 

I give you weekly homework: action steps, meditations, and an assignment to update your Grateful List every night. This changes your energy from stuck to unstuck. I even recommend reading material.

Each weekly session, I tune into my guides and higher self, check in with you and see how you’re doing, whether you followed through, and where you might have gotten stuck.

In the coaching packages, there are 4 weekly coaching sessions done by phone or Skype. 

I’m the ultimate accountability partner, because my bullshit detector is state of the art.

 I only book coaching sessions with clients who’ve done a reading first.

If you’re interested in working together to create a life you really want, then set up an appointment to speak with me to see if we’re a good fit.  

On a deeply soul level, I’m here to champion, witness, midwife your dream to life.

If that’s you, and you’re circling back for coaching, click on the contact form to get in touch. If you want to set up a reading, book it right now!

Can’t wait to work together.

3 Month Mentoring Package

This package is meant for advanced intuitives, psychic mediums, who feel they are tired of having the same old draining clients and know in their soul they want to uplevel and upscale to higher vibrating high-end clients. 

 7 step training to help you gain high vibrating clientele you’ve been wishing for.  

Step 1 – Sacred Grounding


What: clear your self so that you can be grounded and read from a detached way so that you can tell clients what you see and hear without a filter


How – meditate, it has to be like a ritual. Put two feet in. Not one foot in and one foot out. When you tune into guides they are very serious. They want you to go all in – they won’t show up if you’re half-assing. They expect you to go through this as if you’re going to college. You have to be mentally and psychologically balanced.


Why – Be consistent and do it at the same time to tune into the higher vibrations. You don’t want to tune into the lower vibrations – that’s riff raff. You have to be grounded to tune in – it will feel like you’re a lightning rod.


I start with tuning into you – make sure you’re in your heart vs being heavy.


Out of their heads, into their head so they can tune in, anchor, and ground


Step 2 – Deep Sea Diving Into Your Sacred Heart


What: What you need / want – so you can focus on yourself vs what other people need or want. This can get uncomfortable because it has you going against the grain.


How: I’ll tune into you, my guides and your guides and they go into things no one else would know about you.

Why: This is where we start lifting things off one thing at a time. It’s a healing thing. If I can’t clear you there’s no way you can start doing this work with other people.


We go deep into your heart to clear past life and childhood stuff.


When we get clear with you, you become a clear channel so you can handle other people’s stuff. If you’re not facing your own stuff there’s no way you can face other people’s stuff.


Step 3 – Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Mindset


What: Why do We look at mindset and shake a lot of old stories you believe


How: Tap into clairsentience – feel it, have a huge passion, have to be able to imagine. Bring out the inner child, have fun, play. A lot of people think this is a waste of time, but this is where your heart is. Bring out crayons, go out and play, and talk to your guides, universe, and the creators,


Why: So you can start to see everything is there for you, not against you.


Step 4 – Learn about the heart and the ego

Ego is rigid while the heart is playful, expansive, and feeling (in your stomach, all over your body, in your heart) This is a very fluid space.


Step 5 – how to see, feel, hear, and sense from the heart. This is where you start peeling the layers, figure out why you are here. Maybe it’s to be a writer, or maybe to raise your vibration in other people. Or, maybe you’re here to have kids. We also go into the lessons and the blocks. Maybe you’re blocked by intellect, people pleasing, childhood stuff.


We also go into Shamanism – Native American Guides, ancestors, etc. – as we go through this we do soul retrieval. We bring back the soul if you feel lost, confused, or burnt out. I bring back the spirit, bring the light back in your eyes. You feel like you’ve come back home.


Step 6 – Soul Reader Apprenticeship Practicum – you start going out and reading people!

You get comfortable with being a soul reader. Different from psychic reading, but similar. This is a healing thing, you see people’s vulnerabilities, fears, biases, and everything else. You’re there to be neutral, make sure they have peace of mind, and relief. Some people may tell you they don’t know what you are talking about. We’ll build your strength in the heart (and balanced) to handle all of this.


Step 7 – Become a teacher – intuitive counselor, coach, and mentor to other intuitives.

Your only tool is your heart, no cards, or other tools in this method.

By the time we’re done working together you’ll be able to tap into the heart and trust your guides messages and make some money.


Investment in your training – $2500 US (payment upfront)

Contact Trisha at to sign up and be booked! 


Can’t wait to work with you! 

We commit to three sessions at a time. It allows us to begin a process and assess where you’re at and what you need along the way. 3 one hour sessions are $540 US. We connect either through phone, Skype or FaceTime.

30 minute Psychic Reading – $250
3 Intuitive Coaching Sessions – $540
Animal Guide Readings – $50
Email Reading – $250

Want a taste of my incredible readings?

Go listen to intuitive guide show with me every Tuesday… 10:30 EST, 9:30 CST, 8:30 MST, 7:30 PST, on AIR Psychic Radio.


Featured as one of the best psychics on best psychic


Trisha is a truly gifted psychic. Her natural talent coupled with a pure heart make her a light in the world.

Sabrina Choquette, Intuitive Counselor and Mentor

WTF?!?!? I just had an intuitive reading with Trisha Condo. MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN. And highly recommended.

Ramona Russell, PR Expert & Coach

She is insightful in her ability to see the past and the future with clarity. And her direct delivery style meant I didn’t walk away scratching my head about what we discussed, it was all made plain so I easily understood what I needed to do!

Kristen Dominigue, Personal Brand Development Expert

I’d like to tell you that our house is under contract now and will close on June 26 – so your reading did “come true” 🙂  

Kate Black

Trisha knows things. She makes it easy to figure out where you need to focus — and what you can let go of – that’s worth its weight in gold.  Delighted by her groundedness, accuracy, sense of joy and certainty I felt at the end of our session, I highly recommend working with her.

Stella Orange, Founder and Creative Director of

Trisha did a reading for me and my group call recently and I have to say I am truly impressed with her level of detail and insight.  Her ability to laser in on these startlingly helpful images and share them were useful input to help me and my participants leverage her quality intuition for us.  

Lisa Greenfield, Celebrity Palm Reader and Hand Analyser,

After my first experience with Trisha Condo my soul felt like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. Divinely guided and Spiritually directed her gift left me excited, curious & relieved that everything is happening exactly as it should. The inner Journey manifests itself into the outer world-the best adventure one could ask for…

Brandon Johnson, Actor and TV Host

  Trisha is “the real deal.” It surprised me when she started sharing very real and specific details involving color of hair of people in my life (that was correct), and other details that she could not have found on my website.    

Elizabeth B., Entrepreneur

  That everything she said was so spot on! I could see very clearly my future and having her paint it for me in the most clear way as phenomenal. It’s the best reading I’ve ever had.  I was blown away by her accuracy. I would absolutely do it again!     

J. Williams, Entrepreneur

She intuited I would be soon filming, be on TV and be producing videos. It came true! I was flimed in Dr Northrup’s Glorious Women Never Age PBS special, I was filmed on the Dr Oz show last week and I just released a Whole30 video series. WOW! I highly recommend!

Pam Pearson, Wealthy Healthy

“In my business, I get to work with a lot of talented people and Trisha Condo is no exception. She is direct, detailed and insanely accurate! The way she integrates her Native American background with her modern day approach is not only effective, it’s fascinating.

Gina Gomez, Business & Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA at

And just like you said, Dougall is coming to my area on Sunday and I am taking a workshop with him!!!! You are amazing – and so DETAILED. That is truly what sets you apart! You are wonderful and so on the mark with everything. I Highly recommend your work and accurate readings. Such a blessing

Tiffany Soska, Yoga Instructor at

How did she know that? As the reading deepened, I could feel the truth of her insights. This kind of clarity is a rare experience! She gave me specific time frames and details. My mind was blown when I asked her questions and she was able to answer them so completely. I recommend her highly!

Pat Tallman, Hollywood Actress

I felt her warm and reassuring presence and the information she gave me was spot-on. She correctly identified the major challenges and provided me with wonderful guidance to help work through them. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a session with Trisha Condo. I felt confident, energized, and truly excited about the future.

Lynn Jennings, Conscious Eating Coach

Trisha’s reading was right on target. She did confirm details for me and gave me guidance on some upcoming events. Everything that she and her guides told me came to pass. I would recommend Trisha to anyone who wants to gain clarity, guidance, insight, or messages about any aspect of their life.

Felicia Messina-D’Haiti, Feng Shui Coach, at

Trisha immediately put me at ease with her warmth, open hearted, and nonjudgmental energy. She did zero in on my energy field and answer specific questions without me even asking them out loud. I referred several friends to her and feel confident that she would be able to help many people, both with general guidance and specific concerns.

Sarah Michaels, Actress

Without knowing anything about me, she picked up exactly the right areas of my life I’m currently focusing on and knew some important details too. It helped reinforce that I’m heading in the right direction and on the right track.And if everything Trisha said comes true, then watch this space people, things are looking HOT!”.

Jessica Bendien, Talent Producer, Bang Talent at

Trisha is spot on!Before I could ask her my question she had 20 minutes of information related to my career.She validated everything I was thinking, gave me the name to my spirit guide, and let me in on exciting upcoming events that I will definitely keep my eyes open for. She is the best!

Laura Pickens, Colette's Baron-Reid's Intuitive Coach and Healer at

She started receiving and sharing personality traits and characteristics which were spot on. I was some what skeptical, which was quieted pretty early on in our session. I’m curious to see the road ahead of me that Trisha shed some light on. I definitely recommend Trisha and will work with her again. 

Matthew Shortis, Health Coach

 Her gentle approach will put even the most skeptic student at ease. She has an amazing ability to coach by using her intuition.  She knew where I was coming from and the struggles that our people face on a daily basis.  I highly recommend Trisha  to strengthen their intuitive senses or answers from the other side.

Juliette Barnaby, Energy Worker

I loved the experience of working with Trisha.  I feverishly wrote down everything she shared with me.  I am so excited and curious about seeing her predictions manifest in my life!  She really tapped into my energy and I felt inspired and comforted about my future.  I absolutely recommend going to Trisha for guidance.  

Kristina Teschner, New York Actor,Director, and Baker Extraordinaire at

Trisha has read for me several times and I have always been very impressed by the great guidance she has given me. Her insights are spot on. I also really love the flow of her readings. I highly recommend Trisha for a reading. 

Els Schaefer, Master Intuitive Coach and Oracle Card Reader at

Trisha is the real deal!  Trisha knew some things about me intuitively and was inspiring and encouraging to me in my goals for the future.  I would highly recommend her services to those looking for a reading or those even who are curious about what a psychic person can tell them.  Remember Trisha Condo’s name.

Karen Trepte, Business Coach at

I’m very happy how it turned out- Trisha can help you to go deeper and to get a better picture of your goals. It’s personal, useful, guiding information. I loved the information about my guide- it made perfect sense and explained many of my ideas and choices in life.

Lina G., Photographer

 You gave me so many great insights into my business and where I should focus my energy next.  The guidance on letting go of perfection, having more fun and going with the flow more was something I really needed to hear too. You tapped in right away to the fantasy of moving to another country. 

Michelle Matthews, HEALTH COACH, owner of Be Well By Michelle

Thank you so much, Trisha! I’m inspired to write deeper about some of the things we talked about. Now that I know that I’m on the write/right path…and to take small steps…I feel like I am actually moving forward! And that’s a really good thing…wheely!

Shelley Tellier, WRITER, British Columbia.

I love my reading Trisha. I’m sure I will be back….thanks!

Mary Caplin, TEACHER at Wejgwapniag School

 I am very grateful for this advice, who knows what might have happened if I didn’t have this session with Trisha. Thank you Trisha (and your guide) for opening my eyes.

Melissa Vanden Heuden, Colette Baron-Reid's Master Intuitive Coach