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 By Karen K. Trepte, An International Business Coach, http://www.gaijinworkscoaching.com


Back when I was working in my corporate job, I had long-held fantasies about what it would be like to finally work for myself: starting the day without a blaring alarm clock, taking breaks when I wanted to, or doing a yoga set in the middle of the day. It was going to be 40 hours (ok, 30 hours) of full-time bliss.

But when I finally did transition over into working for myself, I found myself stuck in those same old time habits. Instead of cooking myself a nutritious and delicious lunch in the afternoon, I was grabbing convenient food between meetings to shave off a few minutes. I was scheduling calls at all hours of the day (and night for international clients!). And I was just as exhausted and stressed as I had been when I worked for someone else.

It took awhile before I remembered the big picture: I was my own boss! Not my clients. Not my staff. Not my coaches. It was ok for me to look at how I wanted to spend my days instead of blindly following how everyone else told me to spend them—even if those were people I didn’t want to disappoint. Because ultimately, if I did things on other people’s watch I was disappointing myself.

Make some tea and meet me over on the blog to learn more about taking back your own time. You deserve it.

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Professional Bio:  

Karen is an International Business Coach who helps entrepreneurs get the clarity they need to transform their business. Her love of learning has taken her down some pretty amazing roads: education, adventure, travel, family, entrepreneurship and more. It wasn’t always easy. She carried her baby daughter on her back to sales calls at the start! But over the years, she’s gotten good at defining new dreams, setting new goals, and achieving success as she has lived and learned to connect in multiple continents, started and run multiple successful businesses, and completed a double Masters in Business Administration and Asia Pacific Studies. In both life and work, Karen has found that the key to success is to get clear, get organized, and move forward. It’s really that simple!

You can find Karen transforming lives at her Website, and on Facebook & Pinterest.

I sought Karen out when I began my psychic business and she gave me action steps to propel my ideas forward! I highly recommend you contact this lady!  She is a wonderful business coach.

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