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The day before EASTER WEEKEND I heard a man pacing in the school boys bathroom.

At school that I teach at I heard someone walking down the hallway several times.

Around 3:00 p.m. I heard a distinct man’s voice coming from the sink area.

I wanted to walk right out of the school at this point.

My guide, Grey Wolf, clearly said that a man stays to watch over this area and he knows you can sense him.

Grey Wolf normally doesn’t usually alert me to ghosts.

In fact, he reminds of my mother. Alerting me to every little thing.

I stuck out my head to “see” anything. I did see a man wearing dark clothes hiding towards the stalls.

He stood THERE. He waited.

And he kept quiet.

He made me feel anxious.

This is how I tune into my spirit guide and connect with a ghost.

Not just because I felt nervous, or anxious, but this restless spirit had no bad intentions. This manly ghost wanted help. I could feel his personality, the life he led before he passed on. Let’s call him an old medicine man from the 1800’s. That’s the essence of who he was. A bit mean spirited – that’s his human spirit that stayed in the bathroom.

Why’d he do that?

Well, first of all, Grey Wolf can detect specific information about spirits way quicker than my sixth sense. He has this esoteric upper hand – he’s dead.

He loves to pump me with specific information about the other side. It’s his gift or mine. Same thing, right?

That’s what happens when you hang out with a spirit guide. He downloads me with specifics about the dead. At least, they don’t pay a mortgage or ask for take-out.

Grey wolf is my ears in the spirit world. This other dude is just plain annoying.

Suffice it to say this dead guy wanted to be left alone.

Do I blame him?

Nah. I totally understand the leave me alone kinda vibe.

I’m not going to hound this dead medicine man in the toilet and ask inappropriate questions like:
-where are you from?
-how’s it on the other side?
-what’s it like to be dead?

I’ll give him his personal space. I respect that. He does too.

Let me know if this has happened to you before or after the Easter holidays?

Did you instead watch Jesus movies or passion of the Christ?

By the way, that movie makes me cry all the time. It just DOES.

Or did you brush up or conjure up spirits or the dead? Ouija boards hidden in the closet and happen to brush the dust off in the time of Jesus’’ birthday? (that would be interesting to know).

Let me know in the comments.

Share this story with your peeps. Appreciate it!

All my love,



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