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Finding Quiet Time and Creative Ways to Tune In

Many of my clients often ask me how do you turn on your intuition and not be bombarded with everyone’s energy all day long?

The truth is psychic information (vibes, hunches, a hit) are very subtle. These vibes might get your attention by tapping on your shoulder but, they will never be acting as a bose stereo system blaring into your face.

I find that when I tune IN too much, I distance myself. While the vibes may be overwhelming at first, distancing yourself can help with the psychic ease and flow.

In this dawn of a new age, you have to take some quiet time so, you can TUNE IN and hear your inner vibes and teacher guides coming in.  It’s hard to hear when you have Entertainment Tonight blaring on the tv in the background. Not going to happen.

Good news is to have these bubbles of peace and quiet to turn your attention away from noise. You know, those silent times where no one is around and the kids are away at school, and it’s just you.  Sigh. Yes, you get it now.

Louise Hay often meditates to find inner peace and quiet.  Leonardo Da Vinci used to light a candle and watch the shadows flicker on the wall and he often found peace in this moment.

Tips to unplug and gain those peaceful moments:

  1. Have a quiet shower and tune inward. Say inner teacher or spirit, what do I need to know about?
  2. Travelling to work, turn off the radio and listen.
  3. Unplug your ipod and go for a quiet walk. Practice listening inward.
  4. Go to the restroom and take a few moments to listen to your spirit.
  5. Park your car a block from work or in the garage, just breathe in and out and listen. Close your eyes and just be. If it gets uncomfy with people walking by, just slip on your favorite sunglasses and chill.

Develop a time to tune inward and listen to your spirit guides before making any kind of a big decision.

I normally have a quiet shower, turn off the tv, and spend 5 minutes just being in the quiet zone. This re-centers my spirit into the now. It’s my normal routine and any of these tips will help you just be in the groove of the day. You become more “with it” and “grounded” on earth.

Read this blog several times each day and notice what you learn from your spirit and during these silent moments. You’ll notice that you are slowing down time and noticing guidance coming in to the present time.  Comment and share your own experiences with tuning in or challenges with following these tips.

Share with your intuitive woo woo friends, family, and anyone who can relate. Sharing is caring!