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This week I’d thought I’d bring you into my home office and have you concentrate on good, clear, and noise free vibes at work. 

If you’re a work at home mom, budding or experienced entrepreneur, or working at a large corporation, then this is for you.

Let’s take a look at my home office I posted on my facebook page here.


As you can see, my office is located in my bedroom.   It’s 13 by 15 square feet.

Start with your office space and read below for more details.

There are 4 ways to keep a clear energy in your sacred work space.

1.  Set the good intention to start a great day.  When you sit down in your chair, take a few minutes before you dive into your day and set a good intention on “how” the day will progress.

You decide. Your spirit is very creative so, let in your psychic vibes to chime in and be inspired.

2.  No negative vibes allowed.  If the vibes don’t serve our greatest intentions and highest good, then you need to kick’er out.  The work space needs to be clear of energetic and physical debris. Get rid of the garbage, clutter, unrelated stuff in your desk, and anything laying around.

Be sure to do a quick “vibe check” as I learned from Sonia Choquette.

Quickly feel if a bad vibe is stinking up your sacred work space and smudge, spritz spray Himalayan salt, or wash your hands.

Ask yourself:  Who is heavy or “off”  or not a good vibe here?

If you feel it, then it’s there. No need to explain it away.

I burn white sage to raise the vibe and clear the negative energy.   The smoke clears the unfinished business, the arguments, or leftover energy from yesterday’s conversations.  I take the shell and wave the smoke and ask the great spirit to clear the air and replace with positive vibes.  It usually does the trick.  This is called smudging.

The Himalayan salt spritz sprays can be found at www.himalayansalt.com and you spray it on your face so, it’ll remove the bad vibes yoshamanic_smudging1u carry around all day.  Washing your hands does the trick and hold on to the faucet so, it’ll anchor you to the ground.  I often do this during snack time and it helps my aura to stay grounded.  I invoke the white light to wash away the negative junk I carry and create a good vibe in the air.

I often smudge 3 times a day so, yah, my work space is squeaky good vibrating clean.

3.  Set up an altar of deities.  Put Buddha, Kateri St. Kathewitha, Angels, Saints, or Krishna on or under your desk (Maybe you’re a little shy about this). They will watch over you and bless your space.  You will feel a stronger energy.

 4.  Bless your work space.  Ask your higher self or your animal guides to scan the room and clear the frequency for you.  Set up a protective white space to armor your space against any psychic garbage.

 Look at my office photo and read this blog to help you clear your space at work.  It’s a good way to creating a good vibe at work.

For this week’s homework, complete at least 3 of the 4 ways to have a happy good vibes at your own work space every day. 

At the end of the week, you’ll have a successful, happier, and healthier energetic work space.

Share your results of your homework and/or stories.

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