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inside the teepee

Clear the teepee.

Most days, we have too many people and things in our teepees. We have our egos, our fears, our dreams, overthinking brains, other people’s dramas and opinions and technology blocking our ability to tune in to our spirits.

To clear that noise, we must let go of things that rob your time and bring you no value.

Here are tips on how to clear the teepee and tune into your own spirit.

-Use the internet as a tool but, not as a career. Too much texting or watching mind numbing tv closes our spirits. Staying away from drama and saying I hope it works out rather than rescuing and falling into the arrows of a person’s circus.

-Learn to be a student of the teepee’s teachings and focus on them while in it.

-Be focused.

Your time is precious.

-Spend some quiet time alone.

-Clear away the junk in your teepee. Get rid of all that junk you carry with you. ¬†Donate, toss, or give away those magazines, clothes you haven’t worn in a year or two, and clear the energy of your home, office, or garage.

It creates a dissonance within your spirit if your teepee is fill of junk and noise.

You can tune into your inner warrior spirit more clearly when you clear your teepee. Say no, shut the flap on your door, turn off the techie stuff, and listen to the wind of your spirit.

Create time and space for order to some degree.

It doesn’t belong in a teepee. You belong to your spirit.

This week, clear the inside of your teepee or inner environment.

Stay focused, schedule time to your self to tune into your spirit, and listen to quiet times without people.com, facebook, texting, or watching Big Bang Theory.

Clear the teepee.

Share this with your friends, and let everyone know about this cool tip.

All my love,