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This week, Halloween is coming and children usually wear costumes to have fun and play.

It’s a fun holiday. Halloween costumes are fun to wear once a year.

Some adults go to Halloween parties.

When that isn’t enough?

What happens when your inner child doesn’t get enough play? Why do we need a holiday to have fun?

What do I mean?

Read on to understand.

This week, ask yourself IMPORTANT revealing questions:

  • Do you ever feel as though your spirit has left your body?
  • Do you ever not present, blah, or unenthusiastic about life?
  • Do you ever feel as though you want to be somewhere else?
  • Do you feel as though your inner child is having a tantrum?

Surprisingly, your spirit has left your body.

What the heck does that mean?

Your inner child, your real fire within your spirit, has disconnected from you because it isn’t being nurtured, paid attention to, or fed in the present moment. When your spirit leaves, he/she is telling you that your present circumstances isn’t resonating with your authentic self anymore or ever will.

You have choices to make to bring your spirit back into your body.

Be interested in your life again.  You have to be somewhat interested in your life, aware of the direction it’s leading you to a new place to become re-energized and re-engaged. 

Much like when you have an illness, the spirit will show “Elvis has left the building symptoms.” Here they are:

  •  Your eyes have no spark, fire, or passion.   When I walk by people in the mall, in grocery stores, or in the parking lot, I see many people with no spark in their eyes.  Elvis has left the building looks are really shown when you see this.
  • There’s more work and no play in your life. The present situation you’re in is soul sucking and cannot change it, take a break and give yourself day or week.
  • You can’t keep your focus for too long.
  • There’s no creativity or “fire” in your spirit. You’re stuck in the mud, have zombie like schedules and doing rote chores.

Spiritual Remedies are:

  • Live entertainment, excitement, and new adventures
  • Listen to pow-wow music
  • Walk in nature, long bike drive, or camping, stay overnight in a cabin
  • Painting, moving, dancing, canoeing
  • Screaming, laughing, or watching comedies
  • Socializing with kindred spirits, having a dinner party, going to a bar
  • Playing twister, charades, or mystery games at home

Much like children need recess, adults need it as well.

Our spirits leave the body all the time. 

I’ll share my story.  My spirit leaves when I overwork doing too many psychic readings, coaching, teaching, writing my blogs or social media.  In family get togethers, I tend to snap or just check out by just nodding and agreeing without realizing what i’m saying. I’m only human.

I tend to get irritable, grouchy, and tired.  There’s no fire in me to want to do anything.  I’ll behave as a robot and have this “I don’t care” look and just keep trudging along.

Does this feel like you?

The secret is to PLAY. Make a schedule to add play into your life.  Make it a necessity to add 30 minutes, one hour, or a weekend. 

 You don’t need to freak out and wonder how to schedule “play” into your daily life.  Elvis has left the building or your spirit has left your body because it’s trying to take you somewhere else to have FUN.  If you’re not having enough fun, you’re not present and tune into the subtle energies around you.

So, this week, read this blog every day and during different times during the week.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my spirit really here?
  • Have I had any fun lately?
  • Do I shake, rattle, and roll?
  • Have I made a mess and had fun doing it?
  • Do I play with my own children?
  • Is my inner child on permanent recess or in a convent?

One question to ask yourself is this:  Has your spirit left your body?

How do you know? You’ll feel it.

Practice getting your inner child out to play this week.

See you in next week’s psychic lesson.

Share this blog with your intuitive, business, newbies, gurus, super curious people, and maybe your hotshot friends.  I want to help you open your eyes and be brighter in this world.

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