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This week’s lesson is going to be different and fun.

I’m going to ask you to be open to getting to know your animal spirit and connecting with your own spirit as well.

In most of our past lives, we were all once Native American.  Yup, you once were.

We’re going to channel our ancient roots and point out our animal guide. (more…)

Tommy Hilfiger Psychic Party


This week’s lesson is a psychic tool: to act on your intuitive vibes and pretend to be psychic.

The word is to act on your flashes, the psychic hits, nudges, the feelings, the vibes.

You’re probably saying right now: “Oh no…I’m not ready for this. What if I’m wrong?”

Just listen and stay here.

Let’s look at this a bit differently.



As I rummaged through old boxes at Troy’s farm we just sold, I noticed that I had to teach you all a lesson about decluttering.

It’s an important psychic lesson.  Energy is energy right?

Read my first blog about eating healthy food. Those M&Ms and Kraft Dinner are just not cutting it anymore…um, yes.  Check out last week’s blog here.   (more…)


Start with your kitchen.

I rummaged through my tiny fridge in my R.V. kitchen this afternoon and found some leafy greens, potatoes, and carrots ~ all fresh and organic foods to keep my spirit grounded.

Each week I’ll be introducing a psychic tool through my blogs.

Let’s continue on.


Psychic Interview 1 On September 9, the famous and documented Psychic Twins interview rocked my radio station’s phone lines and almost shut down my Skype.  Seriously, I had so much fun interviewing them both I had to keep looking at my notes.  I’m sure that we were energetically and telepathically linked.  Those two were so spot on with reading me live on air (I never doubted for a minute) and they reviewed my psychic abilities with all of my listeners. Did I say I was so honored to have them on? Oh hell ya. While I was preparing for the event, I kept seeing and hearing all kinds of voices and the number 9 kept popping on tv, social media, and conversations.  Totally true.



Before we get into today’s blog, I want to thank you for following me on social media and coming to visit me during the summer. I’m happy to report that I have stretched my psychic biz to New Brunswick (pow wows) and becoming very active in the United States.   (more…)



mochaloca (7)

I remember May 2004 so well. This period of my life changed me forever and revved up my psychic ability to whole different level. I sobered up because of I decided I had enough of the BS.

I ended an abusive, unhealthy, and codependent relationship with a French speaking man I had lived with for nearly 2 years.  I sat on the nice green polyester and wooden plaqued couch we had bought, or I picked it out, a few weeks earlier.